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Aviator game for money

Started by aviator, Jan 25, 2023, 05:05 AM

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Aviator game for money

Top wins in Aviator

keep your mother's money.

The Aviator game is a new gambling entertainment that gives an incredible feeling of gameplay. When the round starts, the plane gains altitude and the win rate starts to increase.

The essence of the game is that the player must stop the flight before the plane takes off and collect his winnings. In this game, you can increase your deposit by 1,000,000 times! That is why the game entered the top choice of players.

Aviator is for money and developed on a system of honesty. This means that the x-factor for all players will be the same in each round.

All this data is available in the game history, located at the top and side of the game window. The Aviator game was developed by Aviator spribe, and the first provider,

which made it available to all 1 win. Also the game is available in demo mode, you can understand the rules before playing.

Rules of the game Aviator
1. We place a bet at the beginning of the round and the coefficient starts to grow while the plane is gaining altitude.

2. To place a bet, select the amount and click the Bet button.

3. To stop the plane and fix the winnings, press Cashout. Your winnings are the bet amount multiplied by the cashout odds.

4. You will lose your bet if you don't cash out before the plane leaves.

5. The odds of each round in Aviator are the same for all players as it is a real time online multiplayer game.

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Aviator -STRATEGY-1.3 Aviator
This is one of the simplest tactics of the Aviator game.

The goal is to always stop the game at odds of 1.3.

According to many players, the plane rarely leaves before it has scored a factor of 1.3.

To do this, you can make two bets at once and use the automatic game mode.

Thanks to this mode, you don't have to worry about the plane leaving before you press the button.

On this strategy, it is advised not to bet large amounts.

One of the most famous strategies.

We make the initial bet and with each loss, you need to double the bet until it wins and makes a profit, thereby covering all losses. However, this is a very risky strategy.

It also has a name - the Martingale strategy. It is worth noting that there is no working strategy and it all depends on your luck.

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Small betting strategy
1. Wait until a ratio less than 1.09 appears on the screen, for example, 1.02, 1.08. etc.

2. Place three or four bets. If the number of bets between the appearance of x1.09 is three (the fourth is less than 1.09), then refrain from betting, wait for one more - if it is higher than 1.11, you can make a decisive move.

3. If less than x1.09 does not come, the fourth bet is higher than 1.11, then place the fifth bet on autocashout 1.10. Then you can bet 1-3 more times, guided by this scheme.

The game is gaining momentum and the VIP Aviator strategy may fail. It is appropriate to take a break of a quarter of an hour, relax or do other things. Thus, it is worth making no more than 10 visits daily in order to win.

Math Strategy Aviator
This working strategy of the game Aviator is considered the most profitable and consists of the following steps:

1. Go to the daily odds history and find x100+.

2. Check 60 minutes from x and start making two bets.

3. The first bet closes within x35-40, the second at x100. The multiplier 35-40 keeps the balance at the same level, x100 is the chance to win.

Players who have used this Aviator scheme know that high odds come across once every 1-1.5 hours. Therefore, stick to this interval.

Win strategy
The working tactics of the game Aviator, which allows you to win and win - the "doubling" strategy:

1. We place a bet of two hundred rubles.

2. If you lose, the bet doubles - 400 rubles.

3. Close the move should be on a multiplier of 2.

The game Aviator strategy 1Win allows you to always multiply the bet, and beat off the previous ones, leaving a plus.

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